LERRI Solar is a professional manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. The company was founded in 2007 and has been fully-owned by Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials Corp. (SH.601012) since December 2015.  LERRI Solar has been named a Tier One supplier by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) at the start off 2017. LERRI Solar ranks in the top quarter of all manufacturers on BNEF’s Tier One list.

LONGi is the world’s largest manufacturer of mono-crystalline silicon wafers, with total assets of over $33billion. By the end of 2016, Longi will have a capacity of 7.5GW in both ingots and wafers, while LERRI Solar will possess 5.5GW of cells and 5GW of modules, incorporating 1GW of overseas capacity.

Tier 1 and Silicon Module Super League manufacturer LERRI Solar are dedicated to supplying some of the highest quality monocrystalline solar modules, combining their knowledge and innovative technologies.

Due to its features of high efficiency, high durability and latest technology in solar PV industry, LERRI solar tends to be one of the best choices and providing more return on investment than its competitors.

Mono is the solution. Here’s why.

 Higher Efficiency

With higher efficiency panels this means that we can utilize less space on your roof, with LERRI solar panels generating more than others (295W Highest output of 18.04% VS 260W Poly output of 15.89%)

Monocrystalline panels have been utilized for over 50 years.

Perc Technology

PERC cell technology allows cells to produce higher power and higher efficiency.

Behaves better on Overcast Days

LERRI solar panels have a great response under low irradiance days. They offer a massive 7.86% more output over a polycrystalline panel.


LERRI Solar Panels also have a 25 year insurance backed warranty, for peace of mind; their warranties are also serviced in Australia. Any issues, you can be assured you will be dealing with a local Australian representative.

Aesthetically Pleasing

LERRI Solar Panels are also more appealing due to their Darker Cells providing a stylish looking panel as the module is the same colour throughout.

They Live the Longest

Compared to their competitors their monocrystalline panels live the longest, with a slow degradation of 0.55% annually.

Output Cable  

1000mm cable instead of 900mm, this makes it more suitable for different installation scenarios.