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Reasons to choose SunlightPower

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Expert and technical advice systems

Our expert solar consultants will guide you through your entire solar experience from choosing what’s right.

Solar Hot Water Systems

We supply the best range of solar hot water systems available on the market today.

PV Solar Systems

Partnered with the biggest suppliers in the world, we have the best range of panels and inverters to get you set on the path to going green.

Battery Storage

With our extensive range of battery storage, we will leave you setup to get through those blackouts and rainy days.

Feed-In Tariffs

A solar feed-in tariff is a rate paid for electricity fed back into the electricity grid from a renewable electricity. Working alongside power suppliers, we arrange you the best available feed in tariffs to maximise your savings.

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About us

Sunlight Power is one of the leading competitors in the solar industry. Operating in places such as North Queensland, South East Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

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6B/839, Boundary Road,Coopers Plains,
Brisbane, QLD 4108

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