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Residential Solar System Finance
Choices Available Through Sunlight Power

Government subsidies plus financing make going solar more inexpensive than ever

Along with the subsidy provided through the Federal Government’s Solar Credits Scheme (in the method of RECs/STCs), a number of the credited installers in the Sunlight Power Installer Network provide finance packages to make going solar an possible goal for those who are incapable or unwilling to pay for the complete cost of their total system.

What type of financing is accessible through the Sunlight Power?

For residential solar power system number of installers in the Sunlight Power network provide financing packages. Financing choices are either interest-free or come at a lesser additional charge.

Interest-free financing for residential solar power

Various installers provide interest-free financing for the duration of 6 to 24 months. This choice permits new system owners to spread the charge of their system over a set period of time to make payments more practicable, at little or no extra cost to the consumer.

Other payment plans

Other installers on the Sunlight Power network provide financing for solar systems at a set cost to the consumer. Financing packages may deliver customers with the choice to pay in instalments with interest. This means that the quicker the system is paid off, the lower the final cost to the owner. Otherwise, customers may be presented a package in which the total price of the system is greater than paying for the total system, but is broken into more adaptable monthly or periodical payments.

To learn more Talk to your Sunlight Power Energy Broker

Please consult your Sunlight Power Broker to learn more about the financing options presented to you through the installers that service your area, and remember that some finance packages may canceled your eligibility for a Sunlight Power discount.

Financing for Commercial-scale Solar Power

Sunlight Power just announced an exclusive Commercial Solar Finance Package for large-scale solar systems. An operation lease contract permits for zero capital spending and instant parity with commercial electricity bills. For more information refer to our Commercial Tender Management team today.


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